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Making Affordable Loans to Rural Arkansans

Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund: Farm Loans & Student Loans

Here at the Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund (AREF), we're passionate about supporting the great citizens of our state. Since 1959, the people of Arkansas have turned to AREF for the financial support they need to accomplish their goals. Our primary focus is on the betterment of our local communities, and we achieve this by offering the best possible loan rates to Arkansans. Our loan program empowers farmers and trade students to seek the educational and professional opportunities that will make a difference in their lives. Contact us today for more information about student loans and farm loans in Little Rock, AR.

To initiate a real estate loan with AREF, contact your local Farm Loan Manager at the nearest Farm Service Agency (FSA). For a comprehensive listing of FSA offices by county in Arkansas, you may contact the FSA State Headquarters in Little Rock at (501) 301-3030.

Farm Loans

Farm Loans

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Student Loans

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About Us

The Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund (AREF) was established by the General Assembly in 1959 to provide loan programs for rural Arkansas residents who wouldn't otherwise qualify for nor have access to federal loans. AREF is a quasi-governmental, nonprofit corporation that is neither an entity of the federal nor state government. Through a series of written agreements with the Farm Service Agency (FSA), AREF funds augment those provided by the federal government to help Arkansas farmers secure long-term real estate financing.

USDA, Arkansas Farm Service Agency — (501) 301-3030


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