Physical Address: 1306 W 4th Street, Little Rock, AR 72201
Mailing Address: PO Box 750, Little Rock, AR 72203

AREF — Student Loan Application

Submit your application to:
PO Box 750
Little Rock, AR 72203

Important Information

When applying for student loans, be sure to e-sign and fill in all fields of the application, as missing information may cause processing delays.

As of January 1, 2019, all student loan applications must be accompanied by a nonrefundable payment of $20 before being processed. If you require a co-maker, they will also be subject to a $20 application fee. These payments can be made by calling our office with your credit/debit card or by mailing a personal check. 


1306  W. Fourth,  P.O. Box 750 Little Rock,  AR  72203-0750

 (1-800-375-2358)  Lender #800246

Application Fee $20.00
Co-Maker Application Fee $20.00